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Why Is Sport So Important to Our Child?

It is very important to get your children used to an active lifestyle from an early age. A young person who is physically active develops better, gets sick less, is more confident and knows how to deal with failures. In addition, he gains many opportunities to make social contacts, build interpersonal relationships and share emotions related to achieving success or failure.

For a child, at least an hour’s “dose” of exercise during the day is recommended. This dose of activity allows you to improve the movement, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, vegetative and endocrine systems, improves the condition and increases muscle endurance. Physical activity, apart from the benefits in the physical aspect, also improves the mood and regulates emotions.

Encouraging your child to play sports and taking care of daily activity is a sign of our love for the child, but also a guarantee of his health and happiness.

What sport should I suggest to my child?

Of course, not all children like sports, but if he encourages them properly and suggests interesting ways of active rest, the attitude can be changed. A proposal of sports activities that will appeal to almost every child are currently very popular activities on trampolines, where they are always accompanied by fun and a lot of laughter, as well as cycling or ordinary walks that most children like.

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